to “Hustle”


In South Africa, there are over 80,000 informal recyclers, making a living from collecting and selling recyclable trash.

They walk miles everyday, sifting through trash, to make on average as little as USD 10.

This is a glimpse into the lives of two of these recyclers, who work tirelessly to provide for themselves and their families.

Navigating the streets of Johannesburg, they struggle against the natural elements, traffic and desperate living conditions, showing tremendous determination and character in the face of their hardships simply because they have no other option.

Filmed in the winter of 2017, the crew were able to gain intimate access into the lives of Ben Zungula and Mampuseletso Nketu, as they worked tirelessly collecting and selling the recyclables. Ben, Mampuse and their families, generously and hospitalably welcomed the crew into their lives, giving a brief but intimate glimpse into their past, present and future hopes.

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