Welcome to Reverie PTC
Our aim is to keep video production simple, local, cost effective and produce results. 
A piece to camera (PTC) can do just that. 
So, what is a PTC?
A PTC is  a term used when a presenter speaks directly to the audience through the camera. It is an effective way to connect with your audience on a personal level.
A PTC has many benefits including direct connection, authenticity, control of your message, flexibility and most importantly it is cost effective. It can be used across multiple platforms, internally or externally for corporate communications, marketing promotions, vlogging, training courses and customer testimonials.
Prices start from £600 - This is our most popular package, but we offer a range of options so scroll down to take a look at what would best suit your needs.
Simple (The process).
Simply write a script and send it over. We will come to any location that suits you, set up and film. You will have an option to use a teleprompter or memorize your script and we can go through as many takes as you need to get it right. Our focus will be for you to feel comfortable enabling you to deliver your message in a clear and personable way. 
Once filming is done all the footage is handed over to our editors who will then edit the best takes and add animated introductions and call to actions. 
Working locally has many benefits. We find we can provide a more personal and attentive service when working with clients that are around the corner. This gives us flexibility to work to tighter deadlines, keeping the cost down and prioritizing customer service whilst having a smaller environmental impact.
We are based in Lytham on the Fylde coast and can provide our services to the whole of the Lancashire and the North West.
Cost Effective.
While we offer bespoke filming set ups to cater for any type of project you may have, we wanted reverie PTC to be straightforward and clear on cost. Take a look at our pricing below to see if Reverie PTC works for your budget.
Package 1.
1 Camera set-up Including 3 hrs of filming (and set-up), editing the best take, music (optional), animated intros, call to actions and lower thirds.
We recommend keeping the piece to camera under 10 mins, but we are able to record up to 20 minutes per take. This allows us to do multiple takes to get the most natural performance.
You can make the most of our time by recording as many scripts as you like or even have multiple presenters (up to 20 minutes of final content). 
Price: £600
Add a second camera angle to make the edit more dynamic (£300)
Package 2. 
1 Camera set-up Including 6 hrs of filming (and set-up), editing, music, animated intros, call to actions and lower thirds.
This package includes us filming b-roll on location to make the edit more dynamic. This footage could include product shots, action scenes, instructional content, establishing shots etc.
This footage will be edited along with your PTC to create context and make the edit more engaging. 
We still recommend the piece to camera being under 10 minutes, if you are planning on using this as a promotional video we recommend the total length of the video to be around 2-5 mins.
Price: £1400
Add a second camera angle to make the edit more dynamic (£400)
Produce results.
According to a study by LinkedIn, videos on LinkedIn earn an average of three times the engagement of text posts. This means that people are more likely to watch, like, comment, and share videos than they are to read text posts.
Overall, piece-to-camera filming is a powerful and effective technique for conveying messages, connecting with the audience, and leaving a lasting impression.
If you are interested in working with us to better connect with your audience, click here to contact us.

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